The State of Our Virtual Campus

“Be positive, Bill.  Focus on what is going right.”  I need to have this message taped onto my bathroom mirror in the morning so that I do not stray.  Maybe a tatoo would work….Alright.  As I work at the McRae Campus I continue to have some difficulties with the college’s email system and sometimes Web CT.  Life happens and I am not venting here.  But…in order to make progress in blended learning and e-learning, do we not need to encourage the college to invest in an up-to-date virtual campus?  My perception (very non-informed, I confess) is that while we are working in a very modern physical plant, our virtual work environment is a tad dated and rickety.   Which is not to say that we should do nothing about e-learning until the heavens smile upon us and we get a new system.   Let’s move forward, by all means.  One thing that is going right is that this blog is now up and running.  Thanks Alana and Helen!


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2 Responses to The State of Our Virtual Campus

  1. spathak2012 says:

    Thanks for your attitude Bill, I am positive now, after going through lots of trial and error I logged in to blog. I wonder what if I were using this blog for teaching. How many emails will I have to reply to so I can make students get going on the blog. I am positive and scared at the same time. Using WebCt only was not scary at all, but I am scared of these unknown tools that we will be using soon. I have taken many online courses but as a student, I wonder what would it be like on the other side of the screen.

  2. Bill Templeman says:

    One thing to do as soon as we can might be to involve students somehow in some of these deliberations. “What works for them?” and “How do they want to learn online?” would seem to be good starting points. Last year, during a discussion about email, I asked a class if they wanted me to text them about assignments and other course matters. “NOOOOOO!!!” was their response.

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